Birkwood Farm, Altofts, WF6 2JE ~ 07958 451

Open from 7am until dusk (closed Mondays)

Frog Hall 19 10a

The Frog Hall has been a lake for over 100 years.

It can accommodate 10 anglers.

It is heavily stocked with Carp up to 26 lbs (possibly bigger). Also stocked  with Roach, Rudd, Perch and also has some nice size Tench.

Depth is around 3 metres in the middle, it is sheltered and in the far corner of the farm. 

Parking is at the side of the lake.

Birkwood carp fishing Frog Hall Lake Overhead2

Summer Tips

Being a small lake the fish are easily disturbed so fishing the central channel first off is a likely bet. On warm still days pellet wagglers work well when the fish are cruising. Method and pellet feeders also work well, particularly towards the reeds and bushes at either end of Frog Hall.

The margins at the end of the day are where you’ll often get the biggest fish, with some fantastic fishing to be had in the evenings, feeding corn heavily. Be warned use at least 8lb line however, as these are big fish!

Winter Tips

Fish tend to push out into the middle of the lake so use a method or small pellet feeder. A bomb and corn approach works too, especially in the harshest conditions. You might catch a net of silverfish on the long pole with maggots, casters or pinkie baits.

Frog Hall Lake Gallery

Fast Facts - Frog Hall Lake

  • Small sheltered lake
  • Biggest Carp 26lbs. Lots of fish between 5-15lbs,
  • 3m middle channel
  • 10 pegs

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Fishery Rules

Our rules are common sense and they exist for the safety and enjoyment of anglers and the welfare of fish and wildlife.


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