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Covid-19 Shutdown

Following the Prime Ministers address last night we have decided we shall close the fishing lakes tomorrow onwards.

We all have a responsibility to Stay At Home during these difficult times.

Stay safe everyone and let’s hope the situation improves soon.

Spring Opening 6am - 7pm no night fishing

Birkwood carp fishing Mollys Lake 2

Molly’s lake was built in 2008 and is approximately 2 acres in size with 3 islands and 25 pegs.

It is heavily stocked with Carp, Rudd, Roach, Bream and Chubb. WIth Carp now getting as big as 17/18/19lbs and in great condition. THis lake has become increasingly popular and is the first choice lake for many of our regular anglers.

Also available for Day Ticket and Match bookings.

Birkwood carp fishing Mollys Lake Overhead2

Summer Tips

Start on the islands and work towards you through the session. The long pole line with 4mm fishery pellets works well through the year. During the warmer months you will catch large numbers of the carp fishing shallow, whilst the larger carp may well be found on the deck below!. Pole and waggler fishing both work well, with a hook length of 3lb (0.12mm). Fish a short crystal or pellet waggler between 1ft and 2ft down.

The pellet and method feeder and meat bomb work particularly well towards and between the islands. 

Fishing tight to the banks with corn, meat or worm has produces the bigger 'evening' carp. Scale up for these bigger fish as they will take you on a run!

There's fun to be had on the silver fish too, with the skimmers and roach taking corn and maggot at all depths. Lay your rigs out flat across the water and catch on the drop.

Winter Tips

Scale down to a size 18 hook and try banded caster or maggot and loose feed the fishery micro pellets. Expander pellet also has its day. A bomb and corn approach works too, especially in the harshest conditions.Ensure that you have several lines being fed and rotate between them.

Molly's Lake Gallery

Fast Facts - Molly's Lake

  • Available for match bookings except Mondays
  • Biggest Carp ???. Lots of fish between 5-15lbs,
  • Fish to the islands
  • 25 pegs with parking

FP this week at Birkwood

Fishery Rules

Our rules are common sense and they exist for the safety and enjoyment of anglers and the welfare of fish and wildlife.


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