Birkwood Farm, Altofts, WF6 2JE ~ 07958 451

Our rules are common sense and they exist for the safety and enjoyment of anglers and the welfare of fish and wildlife. 


  1. All litter must be removed from your peg at the site.
  2. NO rods to be left unattended.
  3. NO FIRES under any circumstances 
  4. No dogs (except guide dogs) and radios unless with headphones.
  5. No children without parents under the age of 16 years.
  6. Tickets not transferable.


  1. All anglers must have a current Environment Agency Rod Licence
  2. Only two rods per angler to be in use at any one time.
  3. All fish must be returned to the lake, anyone found removing fish WILL be prosecuted.
  4. Barbless hooks only. Max size is size 10.
  5. No keepnets except in Matches.
  6. No ground bait except in feeders.
  7. No fixed leads to be used.
  8. No braided main lines to be used other than for marker 
  9. No bread to be used in any form.
  10. NO floating baits on any lakes.
  11. Fishing is only allowed from platforms.
  12. All anglers must have a landing net. 
  13. All anglers must have an unhooking mat.
  14. NO dead baits, or live baits allowed.
  15. NO treble hooks or wire traces allowed.
  16. NO night fishing.
  17. NO Bait boats allowed.
  18. No Spodding

Any angler found breaking any of the above rules will be told to leave without a refund.

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